My first contact with photography was rather disappointing, nothing presaged, then eventually captivating me as it did. Back in 1979, with 8 years I was given my very first camera as a christmas present, a Kodak EKTRA. But it was not to my liking, I still remember the disappointment, back then your´re dreaming of another type of toy.

   Years before I had my first SLR, I was personally experimenting with painting, heavily influenced by Picasso, Dali and Miró, making my first sketches and oil paintings on canvas.

   It was in 1997, almost 20 years later, when I bought my first SLR (analog by then) and became part of the Photography Association of Vícar (Almería) and experimented for the first time in the laboratories with black and white, something very magical, the smell of chemicals, the red lights, the magic of the silver halide, the whole atmosphere enveloped me ....

   Shortly after I was already manufacturing my own pinhole cameras, absolutely everything in the process was in my hands, I never felt more the meaning of the word "create", from the objective made with a needle on an aluminium soda-can to the chamber made of irrigation pipe of different diameters, having no possibility of seeing the interior frame and with only an approximate light calculation, it was a real surprise, then positivism in the laboratory and in the end "THE IMAGE".

   I remember I fabricated lots of cameras (evidently one shot, 30x40 cm negative).

   Here in Almería we are fortunate to enjoy the Andalusian Center of Photography (CAF) and I had the opportunity to take courses with many top national and international photographers on various topics and that helped me a lot with my training to broaden my spectrum within this world.

  In late 2006, I decided to try digital photography, again another amazing new arc of possibilities opened before me. The digital world has enabled us to move much faster in the mastery of technique and therefore in producing higher quality images without the hassle of economic constraint that analog supposed.

   Always as an amateur I participated in different projects, as photolatent in the project and subsequent book "Almeria through a hole",  in the international exhibition "Artefama" and of course in many collective photographic exhibitions . I published several pictures in magazines and within the worldwide encyclopedia of birds of 17 HBW volumes in English (Handbook of the Birds of the World). I was laboratory monitor of B / W and pinhole photography in the Faju (Andalusian Youth Fair).

   Ever since the beginning, I was tied to wildlife photography, it also allowed me to enjoy two passions at once, from the great landscape to the smallest of macro details, I really enjoy the different records of nature; landscape, night, birds, macro, textures ... I feel a special weakness for underwater pictures and have a deep admiration for the underwater photographers who manage to capture these incredible images in another very different environment from our own.

In recent years I have been able to continue enjoying wildlife photography, whilst breaking the boundaries of my country, travelling with friends, we have been able to enjoy some of the most beautiful natural paradises you can imagine on this planet, from the African savannahs to the cold Arctic lands.